Design and realization of custom cabinets

Looking for a new interior, kitchen or dressing? discover where we go beyond others!

Having your custom-made storage furniture designed by an interior architect: you will be surprised how this can improve your quality of life! Just think of the work triangle in your kitchen, a height-adapted cooking island or storage solutions that you might not have thought of yourself.

For example, you can gain extra height in your dressing cabinet with a downtroden hanging rod. Or see everything at a glance in your cupboards thanks to custom cabinets with LED lighting. You thought you didn't have enough room for your wall cabinet? By opting for sliding door cabinets you gain extra space for the cabinets. Take your attic décor to the next level with cabinets under a sloping roof or create custom bookcases in your desk to organize your workplace. In short, the possibilities are endless, and we are happy to help you with that!

In addition to the practical side, our interior architects also look at aesthetic features. All our interior architects are also trained as colour consultants. Moreover, they continuously train in professional literature and are always aware of the latest trends in interior design.

Your interior customised"

"Our mission is to deliver absolutely top-of-the-range solutions, not only tailored to the space, but especially to the customer's needs with his story and personality. by taking time to engage and listen; by not seeing any restrictions, but possibilities and solutions; by continuing where others give up. Whether you are looking for a new kitchen, bathroom, dressing room or storage room, you have come to the right place!

Remodeling without worries

From design to realization, everything is done with us by our own professionals, produced in our own workshop in Belgium. Recognized interior architects and highly trained professionals guarantee a flawless execution of your project. This way you can leave the complete renovation of e.g. an attic decoration to us. We work from A to Z.

For more than 30 years Almaco has been a passionate producer of all types of custom cabinets. In addition, we have created expertise in a wide range of finishing possibilities. For example, we have our own spray booth to paint furniture, and we are a certified processor of HiMacs & Avonite solid surface materials. Think of custom-made sinks and shower walls in seamlessly glued solid surface panels, making the bathroom furniture look like a whole.

Our furniture makers are also craftsmen in the processing of solid wood, so you have come to the right place for cabinets under a staircase, where massive oak steps can be placed on top of extendable cabinets to create an extremely practical storage space.

In addition, we have an almost infinite range of possible colours & solutions for your built-in cabinets. Think, for example, of extendable shoe racks or Ta'Or jewelry holders for your wardrobe.

We are still very satisfied with all the customization you have delivered! In addition, the way in which you always came with little fuss or “noise” and were working at your own pace. We still want to make our compliments for that, all the woodwork is still PERFECT and to our full satisfaction!

Hans & Heilena

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“Read their mission and assets on the homepage of this website. “Offering real customization without restrictions, going where others give up” you read in their mission. As the proud owner of this bathroom, I can confirm that in this renovation project they have fulfilled every word in their mission and assets.”-
Kris C.

Handmade in belguim

Almaco is proud owner of the hand made in Belguim logo, issued annually by Unizo. In addition to our modern machinery, we have extensive knowledge in the process of solid wood & craft techniques. For example, there are monthly workshops in wood-turning and wood-cutting in our workshop in Barvaux s/O.

Almaco is a member of bouwunie

As a member of the construction union, you are sure of a professional approach by Almaco; we are regularly informed of new rules and techniques in the construction sector.

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