Customised in package form

How does it work?
  • You've drawn up a design?
    • Request a quote here for free
  • You don't have a design yet?
    • We make a 1st design for you, get it paid back in full with your order. Request it here
  • The design and/or price are within expectations?
    • We order all necessary materials and start production
    • You will be sent the technical drawings
    • A permanent contact person will be appointed to assist you throughout the project
  • Everything is stacked in flatpack and delivered to your home
  • You will receive a manual
  • You will be provided with a tool kit for a predetermined period of time if you wish
  • We will continue to offer support over the phone throughout the project so that you can install your custom is made carefree
  • Isn't there something that doesn't work? Your personal specialist is always ready and happy to help you!
What are the benefits?
  • Invisible connection possible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very high quality materials with 10-year warranty
  • Belgian produced customization in our workshop in Barvaux
  • Belgian high density plate material from Stylin'art
  • Furniture fittings and drawers from Blum & Hettich
  • Comprehensive technical support, permanent contact
  • A Toolbox with tools temporarily available
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Your personal home designer

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Customised in package form

Place your custom project yourself? It can be done with Almaco interior. In times of social distancing and increasing homework, the demand for tailor-made package-shaped solutions has grown considerably. If desired, you can have our professional architects design a custom design, or you can send your own project to our quotation service.

Almaco has been looking for a system that is convenient to use, has no aesthetic disadvantages and smooth production in order to keep the cost for the end customer competitive.

In the end, we chose Lamello Cabineo as a connection technique. we offer this connection both visible and invisible. in case the customer opts for an invisible connection, it is not embedded on the inside side, but on the outside of the cabinet.

the other known advantages of our company remain unchanged, such as back walls of 8mm thickness, high quality furniture fittings of the Brand Blum, Belgian sheet material ven Stylin’art. And of course the excellent service!

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